The basic premise and purpose of the Digital Platform is the creation of a reliable tool for the coordination of activities of evangelizers at the intercontinental, continental, and national levels as well as dioceses, communities, and leaders, as they carry out tasks of the New Evangelization.

One of the key objectives of the Digital Platform is a stable and inalienable ownership of all intellectual rights to the content on the platform, which will continue to be owned by the creator and shared with the Digital Platform. In a social media universe, where individuals lose the right to their personal data, to the content which they created and posted, the fact that there will be an inalienable right to their intellectual property is a significant differentiating factor.

The Digital Platform will be managed by a purpose-created Foundation, whose main patrons are the New Evangelization Working Group of the Polish Episcopal Conference, and the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization. The Digital Platform will not engage in any commercial projects, therefore, it will not enter into commercial advertising nor will it be subject to the standard manipulation of internet sites. Neither companies nor individuals will ever gain rights to the database of personal data, and the intellectual or artistic content of all material. Information in the database will not become subject to commercial transactions.

A feature of both the essential concept of the Digital Platform and as an internet domain service provider is simplicity, for both the administrator and the user. The software design will allow the user to reach a specific community in any country with six clicks – continent, country, diocese, parish / community, community leader, members. We clearly recognize that unless the Digital Platform provides a user-friendly and modern functionality for the user on both, the web and its pages, the New Evangelization project will not achieve the goals of either New Evangelization or the respective communities.

There will exist a capability to include detailed information, multimedia, documents as well as news – the New Evangelization tool will provide a quick and easy access to the SOURCE. This dissemination of all information detailing the life of the church, the new tasks of New Evangelization, as well as detailed statistics and the ability to sort and review communities created databases provides new opportunities for communication, and the sharing of best practices learned.