The Foundation “Cogito ergo credo” is formed by people who has met on paths of their lives by wonderful Fortuity. We are a group of people who found Happiness in our life and we do want to share it with the others. Goodness is something that multiplies when it is divided. Nowadays we meet too many persons devastated, living meaningless without answer to main question written in their hearts. Therefore we want connecting people who have similar experience and enthusiasm in our Foundation- if you want join us!

If you enjoy what we do- support us because together we can more!

Digital Platform NE NubesDei

Platform Tasks

Set of all tools and aids of evangelization for priests, lay sisters, evangelizers and catechists.

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Set of tools such as: communicator P2P, file management and sharing, conference rooms, actualities, multimedia and more.

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If you have a goog idea that can be used on digital platform send us an email. Join to our associates.

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